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Image resolution, digital image sizing, border and border text information.

We offer a personal and custom service so please contact us if you have any questions or requirements that aren't shown on the site.

Image Resolution

Image Resolution

The resolution of an image refers to the density of the pixels (or printed dots) that comprise the image. The resolution of a digital image is known as ppi (pixels per inch) and of a printed image as dpi (dots per inch), although dpi is commonly used for both.

The higher the resolution of a digital image, the more detailed and crisper the printed image will be. Low resolution images will appear blurry by comparison.

An ideal resolution for printing is 300 dpi and many professionals use this as a standard because the human eye struggles to see much more detail than this, but we can of course print at higher resolutions. Images at around 150 dpi will still produce excellent results in most cases, but below this the difference becomes more noticeable (especially for photographic prints).

If you have any questions about the suitability of images for printing then please contact us, or send us the images at or via our WeTransfer channel.

Photoshop® users can reference this article on image size and resolution for more information.

Accepted image file formats: AI, BMP, JPEG (JPG), PDD, PDF, PNG, PSD, PSP, TIFF (TIF).

Digital Image Sizing

Digital Image Sizing

We can provide help with the sizing of your digital images.

If you need your images resized or cropped, or the addition of borders, then just tell us how you'd like your prints to look - see the 'Borders' section below for information on border options. If requested we can send you print layout proofs as digital images so that you can check the print layouts before your prints are produced.



If you have already included borders in your digital images file(s) then please disregard the information in this section; we will print the contents of your image file(s) exactly as prepared by you.

However, if you wish to us to add a border to your prints then please specify the size of the border required when uploading your image file(s). We will adjust the printed area in the digital image, if necessary, to make space for the border, e.g. a 12 x 18" paper size print with a 1" border will have a 10 x 16" printed area.

Please remember that your paper size selection is the paper size of the final print including any additional border. If you require extra space for an additional border, or for mounting, then simply order a larger/custom paper size to accommodate the extra space required.

Border Text

We can add any border text of your choice to your prints free of charge.

Simply order your prints online then specify the text and layout you would like when uploading your image file(s), along with any other information such as text size, colour, alignment etc., and we will endeavour to reproduce your wishes on your prints.

Border Text Example

Your border text will be printed in a pin-sharp fashion that is not properly illustrated in the above image for display on the web.

The example shown above uses our default border text typeface Adobe Myriad Pro with the text printed in dark grey.