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Limited Editions

Limited editions can add exclusivity and value to prints and are commonly used by artists selling their prints in both galleries and online.

We provide a free border text service where you can specify text associated with your limited edition (e.g. title of the work, artist's name, copyright symbol, year, edition number etc.) to be printed in the border of your prints, including the individual numbering of your prints if desired. You have the option to then individually sign/number your prints by hand after you have received them from us.

Simply order your prints online then specify the text and layout you would like when uploading your image file(s), along with any other information such as text size, colour, alignment etc., and we will endeavour to reproduce your wishes on your prints.

Limited Edition Border Text Layout Examples

The examples below illustrate some popular border text layouts.

Limited Editions Example 1

Example 1
In this example the border text is displayed left-adjusted (to the left edge of the printed area). The layout provides plenty of space on the right-hand side for a signature to be added by the artist. Space is provided for the individually numbering of the prints by the artist.

Limited Editions Example 2

Example 2
This is a more traditional example with the title displayed centred and the edition information (individually numbered) displayed left-adjusted (to the left edge of the printed area). The artist's name is displayed right-adjusted (to the right edge of the printed area).

Limited Editions Example 3

Example 3
This example shows a simple, individually numbered edition and centred title but without the artists name (a signature will be added later on the right-hand side by the artist).


Your border text will be printed in a pin-sharp fashion that is not properly illustrated in the above images for display on the web.

The examples shown above use our default border text typeface Adobe Myriad Pro with the text printed in dark grey.

Our border text service is available for all prints; not only for limited editions.